The World Needs Your Book - Making Your Writing and Publishing Dreams Reality with Laura Bradbury March 06


The World Needs Your Book - Making Your Writing and Publishing Dreams Reality with Laura Bradbury March 06


A little note from the dear Laura

Dear Moonrise community,


I was so looking forward to joining you for the day on March 6th at the “The World Needs Your Book” workshop. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that if I can learn how to create and self-publish bestselling books, anybody can. I also know for a fact that the world truly does need the books that you have percolating in your mind, whether it be a space romance, a memoir, a cookbook, a poetry or photography collection, or a completely unique mix of things. I wanted everyone to leave on March 6th with an idea of what they were going to create and publish as well as the confidence and tools to do so. I felt honoured to collaborate again with Moonrise Creative because I knew with them the workshop would be completely confidential, beautiful, and soul-nourishing. 


Unfortunately, I had a nasty surprise two weeks ago when my auto-immune liver disease (PSC) took a large leap forward and landed me in the hospital with a new host of complications. I’m still grappling with the ramifications and ongoing management of these new symptoms, and they could very likely accelerate my journey towards a (please god!) life saving liver transplant.  


As much as I hate this current state of affairs, my health is so precarious at the moment that I never know from one day to the next if I will have to make an emergency trip to the hospital or not. Along with Pam and Metka we decided to cancel the workshop sooner rather than later, as we couldn’t bear the idea of having to cancel at the last minute when everything was all set up and good to go. 


I’m going to be honest with you - I’m struggling mightily with how my disease is robbing me of things, such as the workshop, that I care about deeply. I feel like it has won this round, and that is a particularly difficult truth to swallow. I did have a comforting thought the other day though – maybe the universe is telling me that right now is the time for me to learn rather than teach. I hope this means that when I do regain my health I can impart the lessons I have learned with even more power and wisdom. 


In the meantime I am still writing like a fiend - it keeps me sane and engaged in life. Creativity has been a lifeline for me and I encourage everyone who has the desire to create to go out and do so. Moonrise Creative workshops are a wonderful place to start! I’m hoping book #4 (My Grape Wedding) in the Grape Series will be out by early Spring, I’ve also started on a small cookbook to accompany my Grape series. Next up, a paranormal romance…I also hope to be attending some Moonrise workshops, as they always teach me new things and provide treasured moments of exploration and connection. 


In the meantime, you can always email me with any questions you have about writing or self-publishing at . I’m a huge believer in collaboration rather than competition and I am always delighted to help others strive for their creative dreams.  







you ever dreamed of writing a book and sharing it with the world? It could be a novel, a memoir, short stories, poetry, a cookbook, a how-to manual, or something that defies categorization. Join Laura Bradbury in this 4-hour workshop that will help you push through fear and mental roadblocks and get yourself creating. She will share her story of how she finally stopped letting perfectionism and the fear of being judged prevent her from finishing her writing projects, and went on to write and self-publish three best-selling memoirs in the last three years. Laura will also give you all the practical tools and confidence you need for self-publishing and marketing your work, as well as finding and strengthening your "clan" of fans and fellow writers who will support you throughout your publishing journey.


We will start our day connecting, sharing and writing overlooking the ocean in the historic library on the grounds of the Glenlyn Norfolk School's Beach Drive Campus. Before we delve into understanding the publishing world in the afternoon, we will take some time to walk down to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel to enjoy an incredible lunch in a private dining room.

Included : Lunch, instruction with booklet from Laura Bradbury, Community Writers Page to encourage, cheer and support each other after the workshop.


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