Unlock Your Creativity with Laura Harris and Laura Bradbury (May 30)

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Unlock Your Creativity with Laura Harris and Laura Bradbury (May 30)


Join us in this all day workshop with the talented creative duo Laura Harris  and Laura Bradbury at the world renowned Sooke Harbour House located on the Pacific Ocean.  Imagine a day devoted to unlocking your creativity in the nurturing Potlatch Room.  The Women of the Woods welcoming totem will greet you as you first enter our Potlatch Room.  The Potlatch Room features a beach stone fireplace, cedar walls, and douglas fir details, a perfect space for inspiring  your creative spirit. The presence of First Nations art in the carvings, glass window etchings, button blankets, and paintings is majestic and takes you back in time.

In this magical setting and under the guidance of painter Laura Harris and writer Laura Bradbury, you will fan your creative spark into a bright flame which will light your path to a more creative life.

In a supportive and confidential atmosphere, Laura Bradbury will lead you in some free writing in your very own journal, yours to take home. This simple and undemanding (absolutely no experience or writing ability required) activity and the ensuing discussion will help identify and unlock blockages that have been preventing you from claiming the most creative life you can imagine. During the course of the morning, Laura B will share how after years of being blocked by fear and perfectionism, life gave her a dramatic wake-up call to start fulfilling her lifelong dream of being a full time writer.

As the sun reaches its zenith, a delicious lunch buffet of the local organic food prepared by the head chef  will nourish our bodies.

Following lunch, Laura Harris will lead a break outside in the glorious surroundings of Sooke Harbour House where she will share how the inspiration and stillness of nature fuel her painting. Back inside the Potlatch room, she will discuss her commitment to a creative life which has inspired so many participants in her painting workshops and in the case of many changed the course of their lives. With her trademark free-spirited and joyous approach, she will lead the group on an activity of artistic exploration that will help uncover the artist who lives within us all.  and create a tangible reminder of the day, that along with you new journal you will take home.  As Laura Harris says, no experience is required. In fact, no experience is preferred.

Enjoy a day exploring your creativity in an atmosphere where there are no mistakes and no judgement, and watch your spirit soar.


Three course meal prepared by Sooke Harbour House

Journal and Stylus Pen

Paintbrush set and canvas

Teaching by Laura Harris and Laura Bradbury

Unforgettable experience

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