Weaving 101 with Lucy Poskitt on September 24th 1-4:30 pm

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Weaving 101 with Lucy Poskitt on September 24th 1-4:30 pm


In this 3.5 hour workshop you will learn the essentials of frame-loom weaving - how to set up your loom, the mechanics of weaving, different ways of creating texture and pattern and how to finish and remove your completed piece. Along with instruction there will be plenty of time during this class to begin (and maybe even finish!) your very first woven wall-hanging.

Your class fee includes everything you need to begin and continue weaving (and yes! all of this is yours to keep): a beautiful handmade maple hand loom, five essential tools, a selection of local, hand-dyed and exotic natural-fibre yarnsand an extensive booklet of step-by-step weaving techniques and resources.

We will also serve light snacks and a drink for everyone.

Lucy Poskitt is an artist living, working and teaching in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her work is inspired by landscapes and the ambiguous tales and symbols we create that help us to explain our place in this world.  She attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and has exhibited her work across Canada.

 Here is a little snippet of Lucy in her own words about what influences her weaving: " I have a deep connection with the landscapes of this country: the ocean, rain and misty mountains of BC, the snow-tipped peaks of Alberta, the islands and ice of Ontario, the dense fog and rugged coastlines of Nova Scotia... I see stories and emotion in these landscapes, which I try to convey though my weavings.

I majored in printmaking while in University, but I fell in love with weaving the moment I stepped through the doors of my school's "loom room". The texture of woven items, the meditative repetition of passing the shuttle though the warp, being part of a tradition 30,000 years old... heck! even the very smell of wool had me hooked.

I took a break from weaving for a few years after University, but one day my mother's friend showed up on my doorstep with two looms and a box of wool and i jumped right back in again, just like riding a bike!

...and here i am. :)

Check out her lovely website here: www.lucyposkitt.com

We are so blessed at Moonrise to have her drop by and teach us how to weave. This is not to be missed.... Max 10 students

This will be held at 17 1/2 Fan Tan Alley 

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