Our Eat Together dinner was a huge success. We are so grateful for the all the wonderful support from our community.  We all had a wonderful time creating the event.   Kelly Brown (http://www.kellybrownphotographer.com/) came out to take photos and create a visual story of the beautiful evening. And she did capture some stunning moments as only she can!

From left to right: Metka Lazar, Leslie Shewring, Lori Philipchalk, Steph Papik, Pamela Lewis

From left to right: Metka Lazar, Leslie Shewring, Lori Philipchalk, Steph Papik, Pamela Lewis

 Leslie Shewring (www.acreativemint.com) and Lori Philipchalk did an amazing job with the flowers. They painstakingly picked all the flowers from their gardens! But what a thing to see when it all came together.  We learned so much about creatively arranging foraged flowers.



As all the ladies were busy preparing the table, Martin Scaia of Green Island Builders (http://www.green-island-builders.com/) came out to set up the Tiny house that was to house the bar. ( And had quite the audience as he did so! ) The evening was hosted on Lori's property and her little girls were quite excited to watch the house being built!

Gather Victoria (www.gathervictoria.com) prepared a wonderful vermouth for all the guests when they arrived.  Jennifer and Danielle had put so much care into the creation of this unique drink. They wrote a lovely blog post on the history and process of creating this delicious aperitif.


Castro Boateng (www.castroboateng.com) outdid himself with a wonderful meal. His local foragers had found incredible ingredients such sea asparagus and wild morels, in order to create a vibrant and flavorful menu. Castro spent some time sharing stories of his journey from Ghana to Victoria and his discovery and passion for local food. We were also lucky enough to share over five different local wines.  We were able to taste wines from all over southern Vancouver Island and some from the Gulf Islands. Our favorite was the Prosecco from Unsworth!

As the lights began to twinkle in the evening light, and we could hear laughter and chit chat, we all looked at each other and said: " when is the next one?"

We are excited to share with you the launch of our pop up supper series - Eat Together. Eat with us in our custom crafted Moonrise House located in a beautiful meadow in a glen of Coastal Douglas Fir glen in Central Saanich. We will be gathering to enjoy a farm to table feast with good food, good conversation and great community. We are happy to be collaborating with Chef Castro, Gather Victoria and Gabriel Ross Furniture. Many thanks to Darian Hocking and Leslie Shewring as well.

Part of the proceeds from the evening will be going to the Rainbow Kitchen.  www.rainbowkitchen.ca

When : August 13th from 6 - 11 pm

Tickets : 125 per person ( wine and meal included)

Where: location to be disclosed when tickets are purchased

( if you are trying to purchase more than one ticket, please be patient as you need to purchase one at a time - we are trying to figure out a glitch in our website that prevents more than one item in the shopping cart )